The University of Ottawa stands in solidarity with Ukraine

Ukraine national flag
The University of Ottawa, as a member of the U7+ Alliance, signed a joint statement with 21 other universities from eight countries condemning Russia's invasion of Ukraine and calling on higher education institutions to mobilize in support of the victims in Ukraine.

The Presidents of the U7+ Alliance member universities stand in solidarity with Ukraine, the Ukrainian people, and Ukrainian universities, and with all those who are affected by the violence currently perpetrated by the Russian government. We are worried and deeply concerned by this war brought upon Ukraine and by its catastrophic ramifications on so many lives.

We watch with dismay, helplessness, and disbelief what is happening and what is being experienced by those who study, teach, and work in our academic communities and who are directly and indirectly affected by the hostilities. We salute the bravery and sacrifices of those in Russia who dare to condemn this war. We also reaffirm our commitment to the safety and well-being of all members of our student body, faculty and staff of Ukrainian and Russian descent on our campuses.

Our universities are mobilized to offer the best possible support to victims and people in need, both in and outside of our communities. This support could take the form of financial assistance to students or legal, material and psychological support. Our colleagues are offering insightful expert commentary, helping the world understand what is happening.

The U7+ Alliance will continue to defend the fundamental values of peace, truth, democracy, academic freedom, and international cooperation that are the foundation of this Alliance.

Read the joint statement here.

About the U7+ Alliance
The U7+ Alliance is the first international coalition of university presidents aimed at structuring and advancing the role of universities as global actors across the multilateral agenda. Alliance members meet annually to establish a common agenda and identify key areas for coordinated action. Together, U7+ university presidents take stock of their universities’ unique civic and social responsibilities and pledge concrete action on behalf of their institutions to address the world’s most pressing challenges at local, regional and global levels.

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