Major in French as a Second Language (FLS) 

This program is offered in French only to non-Francophones. 

The course offering varies from year to year, and courses may not be offered at the suggested term. You may adjust your course sequence as needed while respecting the course prerequisite(s). 

The major is a component that is part of a bachelor's degree or an honors degree. 

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Year: 2023

Major in French as a Second Language1

1st year (30 course units)FLS2521
2nd year (30 course units)9 course units from: FLS25811, FLS2731, FLS2741, FLS2751, FLS2761, FLS2771, FLS2772, FLS27913 course units from : FLS25811, FLS2731, FLS2741, FLS2751, FLS2761, FLS2771, FLS2772, FLS2791
6 course units from : FLS3581, FLS3751, FLS3761, FLS3771, FLS3773, FLS3791
3rd year (30 course units) 3 course units from : FLS3581ᶟ, FLS3751, FLS3761, FLS3771, FLS3773, FLS37913 course units from : FLS45812, FLS47812, FLS4774, FLS4775, FLS4776, FLS4791
4th year (30 course units)FLS3500
3 course units from : FLS45812,FLS47812, FLS4774, FLS4775, FLS4776, FLS4791
3 course units from : FLS45812, FLS 47812, FLS4774, FLS4775, FLS4776, FLS4791


1. Adjunct language course to a 3-unit discipline-specific course, taken in French by a non-native French speaker. Emphasis on development of comprehension skills (listening and reading) while acquiring knowledge and expertise in the discipline. Examination questions in the discipline-specific course may be answered in either English or French; however, all tests and assignments in the language class must be done in French. 

2. Adjunct language course taken concurrently with one 3-unit 3000 or 4000 level discipline-specific courses (different from those taken in conjunction with FLS 4581). Oral presentations, round table discussions and debates related to the two discipline-specific courses (from the same or different disciplines). Focus on linguistic accuracy. Refinement of linguistic competence through the study of relevant models of academic speech and debate. Assignments for the discipline-specific courses may not be used for units in the language courses and vice-versa.