Allocation of Teaching Premises (Under Revision)

Approved Executive Committee of the Senate 70-71.277



1. The teaching premises of the University are available to the whole university community, and none is the exclusive property of a particular faculty, school or department.

2. The allocation of said teaching premises is under the jurisdiction of the Vice-rector, Academic, who entrusts this responsibility to the Registrar.

3. In the preparation of course and examination timetables, the Registrar shall confer with faculties and schools, but in case of conflicts, his decision shall prevail.

4. Requests for reservations of teaching premises for purposes other than regular and non-credit teaching of the University shall be coordinated by Reservations Office (see Policy No. 28), which will communicate them to the Registrar.

5. The Registrar may delegate to one or more members of his staff the performance, of some or all, of the tasks arising out of the responsibilities assigned by this policy.


6. The Registrar shall be responsible for:

  • a) preparing and reviewing annually the inventory of teaching premises: auditoriums, amphitheatres, classrooms, seminar rooms, teaching laboratories;
  • b) coordinating the use of said teaching premises so as to ensure optimal timetables for students and the best possible utilization of available resources;
  • c) preparing, in cooperation with the faculties and schools, all course and examination timetables, specifying therein the time and place of the meetings;
  • d) receiving from the faculties and schools all applications or recommendations concerning changes to be made to the teaching premises;
  • e) making to the Vice-rector, Academic, recommendations on the addition or elimination of teaching premises and any changes to be made to the equipment contained in said premises;
  • f) making to the Vice-rector, Administration, recommendations regarding repair and refurbishing of teaching premises and equipment contained therein;
  • g) preparing rules, procedures, forms etc., required for the preparation of timetables, and the allocation of premises, and making them available to the faculties and schools.


7. Not later than September 15 of each year, every faculty and school shall designate a member of its staff as a timetable officer and shall inform the Registrar of the person so designated.

Not later than October 30 in each year, the Registrar, or the person designated by him, shall call a meeting of the faculty timetable officers and shall prepare in cooperation with them a time schedule for the preparation of the timetables for the next academic year.

8. On the dates in the time schedule, each faculty or school shall forward to the Registrar, or to the person designated by him, the following information:

  • a) for the preparation of the course timetables in respect of each course or course section:
    • i) the name of the professor;
    • ii) the suggested time;
    • iii) the type of premises required;
    • iv) the expected number of registrations.
  • b) for the preparation of the examination timetables, in respect of each course for which an examination is scheduled:
    • i) the suggested time;
    • ii) the type of premises required;
    • iii) the expected number of students.

9. Whenever practicable, the Registrar shall implement the suggestions received from the faculties and schools; otherwise, he shall substitute alternative times or places to those suggested so as to:

  • a) eliminate timetable conflicts;
  • b) meet to the largest extent possible, requirements for all courses and examinations with respect to capacity of premises and equipment installed therein;
  • c) select premises located as close as possible to the offices of the faculty, school or department offering the course.

10. When a timetable has been prepared no change may be made thereto except by the Registrar and only under the following conditions:

  • a) applications for changes shall be forwarded to the Registrar, or his agent, by the timetable officer of the faculties or schools concerned;
  • b) applications shall be made on the special forms prepared by the Registrar's Office;
  • c) applications shall be submitted before the time limit prescribed in the schedule for each type of application.

11. The responsibility for informing the students concerned of any change in an established timetable shall rest with the appropriate faculty or school which shall also be responsible for determining the most rapid and efficient method of communication.


12. Only the Registrar is authorized to make an exception to the present policy.

Revised February 14, 1983

(Office of the Vice-President, Academic and Provost)