Training and Development

Approved Administrative Committee 637.8



1. The University of Ottawa recognizes the importance of offering training and development services to members of its support staff. It also recognizes that these services aim to improve employees' professional performance.

2. The University also encourages employee development through the acquisition of knowledge and skills required to undertake new or more complex responsibilities.

3. The University recognizes that training and development form part of its commitment to employment equity.


4. Training and development workshops and services are organized for regular members of the University support staff as defined in Policy 8.


5. The Human Resources Service is responsible for identifying collective training and development needs, and coordinating, offering and managing appropriate educational services.

6. Deans and directors or their representatives are responsible for identifying individual training and development needs during the performance appraisal exercise or at any other appropriate time.

7. Participation in training and development workshops shall be authorized by deans or directors of services, or their representatives.

8. The Human Resources Service offers training and development workshops at the lowest possible cost by calling upon internal resource persons whenever possible.

9. Workshops offered by resource persons entail costs in some cases. These costs will be borne jointly by faculties and services and by the Human Resources Service.

10. Workshops offered by the Human Resources personnel may involve some costs in order to recover certain expenses. These costs will be absorbed by the faculties and services for their personnel who enroll in workshops.


11. The Director of the Human Resources Service is responsible for the interpretation of this policy. The application of this policy is the joint responsibility of faculty and service administrators and the Director of the Human Resources Service.


12. No exception may be made to this policy without the written consent of the Vice-rector, Resources and Planning.

Revised January 18, 1988

Amended April 10, 1991

(Human Resources)