(Approved by the Senate on April 6, 2009)

The University of Ottawa is committed to supporting students in their efforts to achieve their goals in regards to academic success. To this end, the University ensures the quality and relevance of its academic programs and develops a support network of services to help students throughout their university experience.

For their part, students must assume certain responsibilities. More specifically:

  • Choose a program of study suited to their personal goals, select courses that will satisfy the requirements of their chosen program, and consult resource persons available to them in different academic units when needed;
  • Become familiar and comply with official calendars and important dates and deadlines;
  • Become familiar and comply with university and faculty regulations and procedures;
  • Become familiar and comply with academic integrity rules;
  • Regularly consult their assigned e-mail address (@uOttawa.ca) which is used by the University for all communications with students;
  • Regularly consult the different communication tools used by the University (such as Web sites).
  • Comply with the policy on IT Resources Acceptable Use;
  • Comply with health and safety regulations;
  • If they have special needs, must consult the different support services available to them;
  • Pay, within the prescribed deadlines, any university fees associated with their program of study;
  • Conduct themselves in a manner that respects the rights of other members of the University community and that complies with the regulations of the University and its different constituents, and with the laws of Canada.