Complaints against uniformed staff


This procedure outlines how complaints against Protection Services staff will be handled.


In order to meet the requirements of our mandate and to maintain a high standard of ethics, transparency and professionalism, any complaint against uniformed employees will be investigated by an Assistant Director if he or she are not directly involved in the complaint.

When a complaint is made against an Assistant Director, the Director or his/her replacement will investigate the issue.

The purpose of the investigation is to determine if the complaint is valid or unfounded and to take proper action if needed. Depending on the nature of the complaint and according to University Policy 2D, the employee may be suspended until the investigation is completed.

All staff members involved in a complaint will be advised by their supervisor, so they are aware of the investigation.

A full report of the completed investigation is sent to the Assistant Director or his/her replacement for follow up, action and closure.

Any revision to this procedure must be approved by the management committee.

Revised on August 14, 2019.