Lisa Raitt Portrait
The Honourable Lisa Raitt BSc, MSc, LLB, P.C.

The Honourable Lisa Raitt, BSc, MSc, LLB, P.C. served 11 years as the Conservative MP for Milton (Halton), during which time she served as Deputy Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition and Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, as well as holding various portfolios including Transport, Labour and Natural Resources.

Raitt joined CIBC Capital Markets as Vice-Chair and Managing Director, Global Investment Banking in January 2020.

Raitt serves on the boards of Leon's Furniture Limited, Pomerleau Construction and the Investment Management Corporation of Ontario. Among her many community commitments, she is vice-chair on the boards of Care Canada and St. Francis Xavier University. She also serves on the boards of Baycrest Health Sciences, the Global Risk Institute, the Public Policy Forum, and the Community Foundation of North Halton. She is a Fellow of the Canada Institute.

Raitt is co-chair of the Coalition for a Better Future, a diverse group of over 140 organizations focusing on sustainable, inclusive economic growth. She was also co-chair of the Task Force on Housing and Climate, which recently published the Blueprint for More and Better Housing.

From 1998 to 2008, Lisa Raitt held leadership positions at the Toronto Port Authority, including General Counsel, Corporate Secretary, Harbourmaster and finally President and CEO. She holds a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) from St. Francis Xavier University, a Master of Science from University of Guelph, and a law degree from Osgoode Hall Law School. She was also named a Harold G. Fox Scholar in 1998 working with Middle Temple Barristers in London, UK.

Raitt is the proud mother of two sons, John Colin and William, and a devoted caregiver to her spouse Bruce, who has young-onset Alzheimer’s disease. She advocates for caregivers and families impacted by dementia.