We are ready to provide various training sessions on empowering the University members to prevent sexual violence and support survivors.

Module 1 : What to do when someone discloses an alleged incident of sexual violence

What to do when someone discloses an alleged incident of sexual violence ?

You’re at work and someone tells you about an alleged incident of sexual violence. Would you know:

  • How to react?
  • What to say and what not to say?
  • Which University of Ottawa policy to refer them to?
  • How to put them in touch with resources?

You’ll hear from Alia, Rebecca and Jacob about their experiences and explore each of the above elements as you learn how to better support survivors of sexual violence.

This University of Ottawa training program comprises two other modules in addition to this one (Mobilizing the Bystanders and an in-depth training program on how to support survivors). This training meets the requirements of Ontario’s Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities Act and Occupational Health and Safety Act aimed at preventing and eliminating sexual violence and sexual harassment in Ontario.

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Module 2 : Mobilizing the Bystanders

This in-person training session aims to empower the university community to:

• identify sexual violence warning signs;
• analyse a situation of sexual violence;
• intervene safely when witnessing sexual violence.

Through discussions, presentations, videos and scenarios, you will gain confidence and learn strategies to fulfill your role as an Active Bystander. 

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