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Read our FAQs to learn more about academic reset. Feel free to contact your faculty if you have further questions or to find out whether academic reset is right for you.

Can anyone receive an academic reset?

To be eligible for an academic reset, you must meet these criteria:

  • Come from a high school, college or CEGEP, or be a mature student, and not have studied at university prior to studying at the University of Ottawa
  • Be enrolled in an undergraduate program in a direct-entry faculty (Arts, Social Sciences, Science, Engineering, Health Sciences, Telfer School of Management)
  • Never have previously received an academic reset
  • Never have received a university degree

An academic reset does not apply to graduate studies, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Education, Undergraduate Medical Education, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing and the Nutrition Sciences option of the Honours Bachelor of Food and Nutrition Sciences.

Whom should I contact to find out whether an academic reset can apply to my situation?

To find out if an academic reset can apply to your situation, contact the undergraduate studies office of your faculty.

Does an academic reset only apply to students who wish to change programs?

No, you can receive an academic reset whether or not you change programs.

What do I have to include with my request?

Your request must include a list of courses the academic reset will apply to, a reflection on the challenges you faced when you began your studies, an appropriate action plan and an explanation showing how your request is part of a new start for you based on various factors.

If I received advanced standing units when I was admitted, are these units eligible for the reset?

Since these units are not counted when calculating your average, they are not eligible for the reset. Only the first 30 units of courses you’ve taken at the University are eligible.

If I retake a course as part of my academic reset and I get a lower grade than the first time, can I keep my first grade?

No, your most recent grade is always the one considered when calculating your average.

What is the deadline to apply for an academic reset?

You can apply at any time before you receive your degree.

Can I apply more than once?


Do I have to take the same courses a second time?

If you continue in the same program, you must take the program’s compulsory courses again.  You can also take optional or elective courses again or replace them with other courses. If you change programs, you must meet the new program requirements.

How long will it take to evaluate my application?

You should allow for 20 business days.

Will my old grades disappear from my transcript?

No, your grades in the courses for which you are requesting an academic reset will still appear in your transcript, but they will not count in your averages (CGPA, TGPA). They also cannot be used to meet your program requirements. There will be an “academic reset” mention on your transcript for each of these courses.

Does an academic reset cost anything?

There are no administrative fees for an academic reset. However, you must pay the applicable tuition fees for courses you’re retaking or substituting. 

Can I add courses to my academic reset request in the future if I don’t do well in them?

No, you can only make one request for an academic reset.  

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