The Adapted Exam Centre works with professors and the faculties to organize, administer, prepare and proctor in-person and online exams for students registered with the Academic Accommodations Service, under which it operates.


Examination process

Withdrawal from an Adapted Exam Centre exam

To withdraw from a planned exam at the Adapted Exam Centre, log into your Ventus account and cancel your participation by selecting Withdraw. You can also email us for assistance.

Justification for exam absence

You must justify your absence to your professor or your faculty from any examination. Otherwise, you’ll be penalized. For more information, see Academic Regulation A-8, section 8.6.

What to know for your visit to the Adapted Exam Centre

  • The room where you do your evaluation may be equipped with adaptive measures that aren’t part of your own plan, but this won’t have negative consequences for you.
  • Avoid wearing scented products. The Adapted Exam Centre is a scent-free zone.
  • Food and drinks are forbidden in the examination rooms. Only water bottles are permitted. 
  • The Adapted Exam Centre and the Academic Accommodations Service aren’t responsible for lost or stolen items. We suggest you leave any valuables at home. To store your personal effects on campus, you can always rent a locker from your faculty, or use one of the lockers beside DMS 3172. Please note that the number of lockers beside DMS 3172 is limited. 
  • The Adapted Exam Centre is a quiet environment. We ask everyone to co-operate to limit distractions. However, since we can’t control certain noises, we offer earplugs in the examination rooms.
  • Respect is always in order.

Academic integrity

Under Academic Regulation A-4, any allegations of fraud are submitted in writing, with supporting documentation, to the office of your faculty’s dean.

After your evaluation

  • To request a feedback form and share your comments on your experience, email us.
  • For any concerns about the exam, contact your professor.


Contact the Adapted Exam Centre

Desmarais Building
55, avenue Laurier East 
3rd Floor, Room 3172
Ottawa ON Canada
K1N 6N5

Tel.: 613-878-0546
Email: [email protected]