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Living Learning and Themed Communities

A sense of belonging is an important part of the student experience. No matter what you are studying, participation in a Living Learning Community or Themed Community is a great opportunity to connect with your peers and develop your community – beyond the classroom!

Living Learning and Themed Communities

Students in residence can choose to live in one of our Living Learning or Themed Communities. These communities allow you to live and connect with others with the same program and interests as you. Community Advisors (an upper-year student assigned to your floor) are at hand to support you, organize activities and guide you throughout your academic year.

Benefits of participating in a community

  • Placement in a community of your peers in the same program and courses as yourself - great for study groups! —Living Learning Communities
  • Placement in a community of your peers who share similar interests or lifestyles —Themed Communities
  • Ability to network and engage with members of your faculty through events and activities specific to your field of study 
  • Access to supports, resources and services to help you succeed in your university experience
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Barbra, LLC testimonial

“I chose my program based on my interests, and being able to easily access support from my faculty makes reaching out a much simpler process. Familiarizing myself with the building, the process, and...”


— First-year student, Arts LLC

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If you have any specific questions about Living Learning or Themed communities, send us an email!
Contact our Residence Life team