If an emergency of an environmental nature threatens the safety of those outside a uOttawa building, people in the threatened area may be instructed to shelter-in-place.


What is shelter-in-place?

Shelter-in-place requires that you take refuge by remaining inside the building you’re in when the emergency occurs. If you’re outside when the emergency takes place, seek shelter from the hazard by entering the nearest building.

When is shelter-in-place necessary?

Emergencies that require shelter-in-place include:

  • severe weather
  • releases of dangerous goods into the area outside the building you’re occupying, such as chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear contaminants.

Note: A shelter-in-place alert is used for environmental hazards. It will never be used for violent threats.

Know your building! Find the safest spots for shelter-in-place near the locations you frequent most.