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Highlights from the uOttaKnow podcast with host Gwen Madiba (MA ’12; BSocSc ’08) featuring our uOttawa community around the world.

Join us as we discuss how curiosity propels us to ask questions, explore new areas of interest, and move into uncharted territory. Our extraordinary alumni guests this season dig deep to uncover what curiosity means to them, its impact, and how it has spiced up their lives!
Balarama Holness
Inspiring AlumniLawTelferEducation
Harley and Lindsay

Alumni Harley Finkelstein and Lindsay Taub talk entrepreneurship, family, and curiosity

Harley Finkelstein (LLB ’09, MBA ’09) and Lindsay Taub (MEd ’10) met at uOttawa and have achieved so much together and individually. Harley is an entrepreneur, lawyer, and president of Shopify, and in 2021 was named the University of Ottawa Alumnus of the Year. Lindsay is a child and family therapist at Child in Mind, an Ottawa-based child psychology clinic. They’re also the parents of two young daughters, Bayley and Zoe.

Inspiring AlumnaLaw
Geneviève Côté

Geneviève Côté: Using music and the arts to bridge languages and cultures

Since graduating from uOttawa with a degree in civil law, Geneviève Côté (LLL ’92) has had an illustrious career and worn many hats across the Quebec cultural scene. A member of the Quebec bar, Geneviève is better known for her contributions to concert production and music promotion across the province and country. For her latest role, Geneviève moved from Montreal to Granby, where she is serving as executive director of the Festival international de la chanson de Granby.

Inspiring AlumnusSTEM
Phil De Luna

Phil De Luna: Using technology, policy, and finance to create climate change solutions

For Phil De Luna (MSc ‘15), a scientist and research capitalist working to advance climate technology, curiosity has always been a core component of his life. Phil explains that his job as a scientist is to be professionally curious—to experiment and understand what happens when we change things and interact with the world.


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