Design Elements

The official uOttawa header was designed to reinforce the uOttawa brand and promote recognition by always being featured in the same style and position across all mediums. Provided below are examples of the possible variations, as well as detailed descriptions of when and how they should be used.


A. Primary colour header – garnet tab


B. Primary greyscale header – black tab


C. Secondary colour header – colour on white background (no tab)


D. Secondary greyscale header – greyscale on white background (no tab)


The primary uOttawa header should be used in marketing materials such as posters, publication covers, newspaper or magazine ads and all on-campus signage.

A – The primary colour header features white text and a PMS Warm Grey 5 vertical divider within a garnet tab.

B – The primary greyscale header features white text and a grey (35% black) vertical divider within a black tab. It should be used for all greyscale documents or documents where only black is used.

No colours other than those presented here may be used within the official primary or secondary uOttawa headers.

The secondary uOttawa header should be used in communications materials where more subtle branding is desired, such as stationery and certificates.

C – The secondary colour header features garnet text with a Warm Grey 5 vertical divider.

D – The secondary greyscale header features black text with a grey (35% black) vertical divider.

Both the colour and greyscale headers should only be used on background colours that are light enough not to affect the legibility of the text (you must create adequate contrast for maximum visibility).

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  • Printer
  • Branding
  • Colour
  • Colour values
  • Contrast
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