uOttawa Contextual Footer

The uOttawa contextual footer is primarily designed for calls to action or contact information, including faculty, service or department names, phone numbers, email addresses or websites. It can also serve as an isolated area in which to place the uOttawa logo when used on a photograph or textured background.


A. Contextual footer with contact information – vertical logo


B. Contextual footer with call to action – horizontal logo


Below is an example of how the contextual footer can be used on a photographic background. In this case, the footer has been set to 90% black and given a multiply effect. Textual content is fully customizable based on your needs, although a similar hierarchy of information is recommended.


C. Contextual footer with photo – vertical logo


The contextual footer is an optional branding element, which can help to create a safe zone for important callout or contact information, specifically when used on top of a photograph or textured background. It sits directly above the uOttawa branding band, and can vary in height based on the format of the logo being used (vertical or horizontal). For full colour documents, the contextual footer can be set in 100% Charcoal Grey (coloured backgrounds) or 100% black with 90% opacity and a multiply effect (photo or textured backgrounds). NOTE: When creating full-colour documents for the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, you must set the content boxes either to black at a 95% tint or to 100% black with 90% opacity and a multiply effect. For black and white documents, the content boxes can be set to black, either at a 90% tint, or at 100% tint with 90% opacity and a multiply effect.

NOTE: Although the branding band has not been included in the above examples, it must be present on all marketing materials.

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