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In order to distinguish between the various types of University of Ottawa communications, the creative team has identified three main categories and developed separate templates and guidelines for each. This will help to ensure that communications are always effectively designed for their target audience and key messaging strategies. The three categories of uOttawa communications are as follows:

  • Protocol
  • Communications
  • Marketing

The three categories reflect distinct communication purposes. Material must be consistent with the intended communication goals.

Certain templates or graphic elements in the protocol category can only be used by the creative team or with written consent from one of its members. The official stationery of the University of Ottawa is available upon request and can be used for official purposes only. Marketing templates are available for use by all University staff or contractors working directly with the University of Ottawa. For matters not covered by this manual, email the Creative Services team at brand@uOttawa.ca.

A. Protocol templates

University of Ottawa diploma

(fig. A1)

Official invitation

(fig. A3)

Jacket for University of Ottawa diploma

(fig. A2)

University of Ottawa certificate

(fig. A4)

University of Ottawa coat of arms

(fig. A5)


A - The templates in the Protocol category are described as elegant, traditional classic and minimalist. They represent very minimal branding. The crest, often displayed in gold or silver foil, gives a more ceremonial, official, traditional look and feel. (fig. A1: diploma; fig. A2: diploma sleeve; fig. A3: invitation; fig. A4: certificate; fig. A5: uOttawa coat of arms (crest))

B. Communications templates

University of Ottawa letterhead

(fig. B1)

University of Ottawa envelope

(fig. B2)

University of Ottawa business card

(fig. B3)

Nomination notice

(fig. B4)

University of Ottawa colour vertical logo

(fig. B5)

University of Ottawa presentation cover page

(fig. B6)

B - The templates in the Communications category have a more casual look and feel and are simple and modern. They represent a low-key branding style, with the logo used at the bottom in most cases and without the full header and footer (garnet tab). (fig. B1: uOttawa letterhead; fig. B2: envelope; fig. B3: business card; fig. B4: print nomination ad; fig. B5: uOttawa vertical grey logo; fig. B6: presentation cover).

C. Marketing templates

University of Ottawa email

(fig. C1)

University of Ottawa bookmark

(fig. C4)

University of Ottawa retractable banner

(fig. C6)

University of Ottawa email

(fig. C2)

PowerPoint presentation title slide

(fig. C3)

University of Ottawa tri-fold brochure

(fig. C5)

University of Ottawa Web ad

(fig. C7)

C – The templates in the Marketing category are used in cases where a more recognizable, commercial look and feel is required, with a more sleek and robust design. By using the white logo contained within a garnet tab, we promote a stronger visual impact and quicker brand recognition. When a background photo is used, an optional charcoal isolation band should also be used. Having the white logo on a dark charcoal background also adds contrast and promotes a strong impact. The following templates all fall into the Marketing category: websites, folded brochures, ads, TV screens, PowerPoint presentations and signage. (fig. C1: marketing header; fig. C2: branded email; fig. C3: PowerPoint cover; fig. C4: bookmark; fig. C5: folded brochure; fig. C6: retractable banner; fig. C7: web ad).

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