Making research exciting and accessible: Young researcher shines at uoGRADflix

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The four winners of the uOGRAflix contest holding their trophies. Nicolas Brodeur (first place) from uOttawa; Rocksane Forget (second place) from Saint Paul University; Fatène Bader (third place) from Saint Paul; and Serim Dogac Saya (people’s choice award), from uOttawa.
From left to right: uoGRADflix winners: Nicolas Brodeur (first place), uOttawa; Rocksane Forget (second place), Saint Paul University; Fatène Bader (third place), Saint Paul University; and Serim Dogac Saya (people’s choice award), uOttawa.
Nicolas Brodeur, an outstanding doctoral candidate in physics at the University of Ottawa, has just taken a big step in his academic career, winning the uoGRADflix contest. The victory means he now moves on to the first provincial showcase, which will take place this month. Nicolas will represent the University with his appealing, inspiring video.

For the uoGRADflix contest, graduate students at the University of Ottawa and Saint Paul University present their research projects through original 60-second videos.

The origins of life according to a young physicist

In his video, Nicolas uses visual metaphors and simple explanations to illustrate his research. He turns abstract concepts into thrilling stories, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of thermodynamics and skilfully examining existential issues in medicine. His research project deals with the fascinating topic “From the cosmos to the clinic: How physics can shed light on the origins of life.”

In winning uoGRADflix, Nicolas showed his exceptional talent for explaining science. His victory is a well-deserved acknowledgement of his hard work and creativity. And representing uOttawa at the provincial showcase this month, he’ll be an ambassador for a passionate, innovative research community.

Videos on climate change, eco-anxiety and coastal eco-structures also recognized

The other winners also stood out in the competition. Rocksane Forget, a student in counselling and spirituality at Saint Paul University, took second place. Her research studies the links between perception of climate change, eco-anxiety and the expression of the imagination. Fatène Bader, also a student in counselling and spirituality at Saint Paul, came in third. Her research deals with emotional and adaptive responses to climate change. Finally, the people’s choice award went to Serim Dogac Saya, an electrical and computer engineering doctoral candidate, for his video on eco-friendly coastal structures.

These young researchers are inspiring not only for their projects but also for their desire to convey their passion for research. Their stories are an example and motivation to those who wish to share their work in a way that’s effective and interesting. With talents like Nicolas, the future of scholarly research in Canada is exciting.

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How to participate in uoGRADflix

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