Take a stretch break

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University of Ottawa, Wellness and Recreation

A person doing some stretches.
Studying online can be tiring and it can be useful to have some tricks up your sleeve to make it easier. One of our energy boosting tips is pretty simple; take a stretch break! Keep reading to discover the benefits of adding stretch breaks to your studying routine, and some great stretches!

Movement while working brings many benefits to our bodies! Such as:

  • Improving verbal memory,
  • Bettering thinking and learning skills
  • Increasing Alertness, attention, and motivation

Try taking a 5-minute stretch break every 30 or 40 minutes of studying. It won’t take up too much of your time, and it will energize you! Studies also encourage longer periods of active movement, so if you would like to step up your game, consider doing a workout the same day you’re going to study!

Some stretch ideas

  1. Side neck stretch- put your right hand on the left side of your head and gently guide your right ear to your right shoulder. Do the same for the other side using your other hand. Hold for 20 seconds on each side!
  2. Neck circle- slowly make a circle with your head going one direction, then the other. Do 10 circles on each side!
  3. Stretch out your fingers- make fists and then stretch your fingers, repeat 20 times!
  4. A few cat and dog poses- this one can be easily looked up online for a visual description!

Use these stretches to break up your long study sessions and to help you stay motivated! For longer workouts, which can also help improve your studying skills, check out our live online fitness classes.