9 Insta-worthy spots on campus

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Faculty of Arts courtyard
Our campus is full of great places to chill and chat. Why not snap the perfect Instagram photo while you’re there? Grab a friend and go check out these top nine spots for yourselves.

1. FSS Green Wall

120 University Private

Not just a pretty display, the FSS green wall is a breath of fresh air – indoors. One of North America’s largest biofilter walls, this six-story living wall is made up of 2,000 plants that harness nature’s remarkable ability to “eat” pollutants. This biofiltering living wall cleans 80-to-85% of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air, creating outside air indoors. It also reduces the energy consumed by the building’s HVAC system by reducing the need to intake outdoor air and thus lowers heating and cooling costs. The wall can even partially replace the need for a building humidifier while lowering concentrations of dust, fungal spores, and airborne bacteria.

FSS green wall

2. SITE Atrium

800 King Edward Avenue

Flooded with natural light, the SITE atrium stands six stories tall and spans the entire southwest of the building. Not only does it act as a solar-heat recycling system, but also it offers a magnificent view of the Rideau Canal, especially at night.

SITE atrium

3. Hamelin passageway

70 Laurier Avenue East

Light and bright, the Hamelin passageway between Hamelin and Simard halls is a comfortable and inviting place for students. It offers a unique view of the Faculty of Arts courtyard and its bronze Transformation sculpture, completed in 1983 by sculptor Bruce Garner. This work of art is on loan from the National Capital Commission. 

Hamelin passageway

4. Bird-friendly windows in bridge between Colonel By and SITE 

161 Louis-Pasteur Private

More than a beautiful work of art, the bird-friendly mural between the Colonel By and SITE buildings was created by local artist Maria Gomez Umaña with a clear purpose in mind. Murals like this one, and others across campus, aim to reduce the number of bird collisions and potentially save the lives of thousands of birds each year. You will find these murals in Colonel By, SITE, UCU and STEM buildings.

Bird-friendly windowsITE 

5. CRX Art Installation

100 Louis-Pasteur Private

Soaring 25 metres from floor to ceiling, Connectivi-T was the first campus artwork produced as a result of a public art competition. The striking structure makes the most of the indoor height of the Learning Crossroads (CRX). Artist Hélène Rochette imagined this “energetic hyphen” as an embodiment of intellectual progress, human encounters, and shared ideas. 

CRX Art Installation

6. Pollinator hotspots

Multiple locations

Vibrant flowers in pollinator hotspots fill our campus with colour. These hotspots help attract and nourish insects, creating a thriving ecosystem that supports biodiversity and demonstrates sustainable environmental practices. 

Check out the green space campus map to discover pollinator areas, edible landscapes, and other outdoor areas. 

Pollinator hotspots

7. Tabaret lawn 

550 Cumberland Street

One of our most recognizable campus locations, Tabaret lawn is a true oasis of greenery right in the heart of the University’s historical sector. Beautiful in any season, this space hosts a wide variety of year-round activities, ranging from yoga to dogsledding.

Tabaret lawn

8. Living Laboratory Aquarium

30 Marie-Curie Private

You don’t need a seaside getaway to witness the secret life of the coral reef. Using ecologically sustainable methods, the Biosciences Complex Aquarium recreates a coral reef environment where you can observe fascinating live interactions between fish, corals, and invertebrates. Spend a few minutes following the fish around the living corals in the tank and experience its soothing effect for yourself.

Living Laboratory Aquarium

9. Matt Anthony Field

801 King Edward Avenue

If sports are your thing, you’ll want to visit the Matt Anthony Field. One of approximately 20 FIFA two-star fields in Canada, the Matt Anthony Field is located right next to the Minto Sports Complex. Here you can watch many Gee-Gees athletes in action, including the women’s soccer and women’s rugby teams, as well as the men’s football team.

Matt Anthony Field