Enrolment support

In order to help you better understand how enrolment works at uOttawa, we have a number of resources available for you. Please don’t hesitate to use them if you need any assistance.

Course enrolment – Where to start

Are you ready to enrol in your courses, but not sure where to begin? This video will show you a few easy steps to you get started. We also suggest that you consult the following resources: - Your course sequence - Our list of elective courses without prerequisites - A sample timetable to help you check different options

Search and Enrol in a Course

You have your course sequence. What next? This is a step-by-step guide to searching for a course subject or a specific course, and enrolling in a course.

My Academic Requirements

Ever wonder what courses you need to complete in order to graduate? Your “My Academic Requirements” contains this information. This video shows you how to read this information in your Student Center.

The Waitlist and Swap Function

Did you know we have a wait list when classes are full? This step-by-step guide shows you exactly how to use this tool. Be sure to use the “swap” function. You can automatically swap one course for another if a spot opens up for you!

Reserved Capacity

Ever wonder why a course is open but you can’t enrol in it? This quick video explains how seats are reserved in a course, and why a course might be open for some students and not for others!

Wait list: frequently asked questions

Why am I still not enrolled even though there seem to be places in the course and I’m #1 on the wait list?

Before the system enrols you in a course, it checks whether you meet the enrolment criteria. Here are the most common reasons why the system won’t enrol you in a course:

  • You don’t have the prerequisites.
  • The place is reserved for a specific category of students and you don’t meet the criteria. For more, see our tutorial on reserved capacity.
  • The course conflicts with another that is already in your schedule.
  • You’re already enrolled for the maximum number of units allowed for the term and you didn’t use the “Swap” feature when you put yourself on the wait list.
  • There isn’t a place for you in all the course activities (labs, discussion groups or tutorials).
  • You’re already enrolled in another section of the course and you didn’t use the “Swap” feature when put yourself on the wait list.  See our tutorial on the “Swap” feature.
  • Your student account has an outstanding balance you must pay. 

Can I still attend classes for the course for which I’m on the wait list? 

No. For security reasons, you can’t attend classes you’re not enrolled in. Each classroom has a maximum capacity that must be respected.

Does being on the wait list guarantee me a place in the course?

No. Being on the wait list doesn’t guarantee you a place in the course. That’s why it’s important for you to still enrol for a full course load and use the “Swap” feature when you do so that the system replaces one of your courses when a place becomes free. For more, see our video on the “Swap” feature.

If I speak to the professor and he or she agrees, can the professor call and ask you to make a place for me in the course?

No. We can’t make exceptions and enrol you in a course if there are no places, even with the professor’s permission.

Will I receive an email when I’m enrolled in the course through the system?

Yes. When the system enrols you, you will receive an automatic email to tell you about the change in your file.

I want to change the lab section for a course I put myself on the wait list for, but I don’t want to lose my place on the list. What can I do?

Unfortunately, once you’re on the wait list, you can’t change your choice of, for example, course section, lab, discussion group or tutorial. 

How can I find out my position on the wait list?

To find out your position on the wait list, use the Student Center and select the “My Class Schedule” tab. You can see your position on the wait list under the course code and title.

The term has already begun. Is it still possible for me to enrol through the wait list?

The wait list continues to function until the deadline for course enrolment. You can find the deadline for course enrolment in the Important academic dates and deadlines. Note: This also means that if you don’t want to be enrolled automatically by the system after the start of the term, you must get off the wait list. 

Regional mentors

Throughout the year, regional mentors are available to provide you with support in your academic and student life and can answer questions on enrolment and other topics.

To get to know them, the activities they offer and how to contact them, check out the Regional Mentoring Centre.

Enrolment Help Centre

The Enrolment Help Centre is closed. It will re-open in May 2020. For enrolment help, please contact the Regional Mentoring Centre or your faculty.

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