Showcase your competencies and experiences and enhance your resumé with an effective cover letter.


Start by writing your name and contact information, followed by the date and the name of the person your letter is addressed to. 

Don’t forget to include the relevant position in the subject line. 

First paragraph 

In essay form, answer the following questions: 

  • Where did you learn about the opening (newspaper, recruitment service, etc.)? 

  • What position are you seeking in this company? Why you are the ideal person? 

If the position you’re interested in is not available, ask when would be the best time to reapply. 

If someone told you about the position, mention it here. 

Second paragraph 

Show your interest in the organization by explaining why your knowledge meets the company’s needs. You can do this by briefly mentioning what you know about their products and services or their reputation.  

Third paragraph 

Show your skills with examples from your experience. Describe your educational background, achievements, professional goals and personal characteristics. The key is to show how your experience will contribute to the organization. 

Fourth paragraph 

Ask for an interview, mention your resumé and clarify how you will communicate with them in the near future. 


End the letter with a closing line. 


  • Address your letter to the hiring manager. 

  • Target your information to each new job application. 

  • Find out what skills and abilities the employer is looking for. 

  • Show your knowledge of the company and make the link between its needs and your skills. 

Cover Letter Samples

Throughout your academic career, both in and out of the classroom, you’ll develop skills that are highly sought after by employers.

See an example of a standard cover letter 

Student writing in notebook
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