Developed to help you along your career path and shape your professional future.

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Empower and equip yourself with increased self-awareness, personal and professional skills, tools, strategies and resources, to give you the confidence to transition to the workforce and thrive in your career.

What is the Horizons career development program?

  • 12 career modules that you can follow at your own pace during your studies to bridge the gap between academia and the professional world.
  • Resources to develop 11 key skills highly sought after by employers, uOcompetencies.
  • Materials in a range of formats (recordings, visuals, quizzes, reflections, assignments) to meet your needs and learning preferences. 
  • Modules available in both French and English. You can follow the program in either language or in both.
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What does the program cover?

The modules have been grouped by theme below and sequences are suggested based on your needs and level of career preparedness. However, we encourage you to try any modules that interest you.

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Knowing yourself

Self awareness and career
Self-knowledge is the foundation of a fulfilling career. This module is designed to equip you with the tools of self-discovery so you can make informed program and career choices. 

Employability skills
Skills serve as the foundation for individual success and adaptability in an ever-changing professional environment. This module provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the development of career-related skills.

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Career exploration

Orientation to career development
Through early career planning, you can secure a competitive advantage in the job market and make well-informed decisions. The module will introduce the available resources and provide guidance and support throughout your academic and career journeys.

Career exploration
This module introduces you to career exploration resources, to help you discover career options and gain clarity, make informed decisions and match your personal interests and skills with career paths.

Labour market information
Understanding the Canadian labour market is key to making informed career decisions. This module provides you with essential knowledge and tools to navigate the evolving labour market. It offers you practical skills to access, interpret and use relevant labour market information, to adapt to job trends.

Self-Marketing Tools ico

Self-marketing tools

Resumé and cover letter
Resumés and cover letters are crucial in creating a positive first impression and showcasing qualifications, skills and experiences, increasing the chances of securing an interview. This module will guide you in creating an effective resumé, whether you’re looking for a part-time, summer, internship or full-time position.

LinkedIn and ChatGPT: technology for the job search
By using technology during your job search, such as online platforms, professional networking sites and job search engines, you can explore opportunities, highlight your skills and establish connections with potential employers. This module explores networking platforms and AI technology to assist in your job search. 

Interviews allow you to showcase your skills, qualifications and cultural fit while allowing employers to assess your communication and interpersonal skills. This module provides an overview of essential aspects of interviews and details key steps to prepare for and succeed in any interview.

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Job search and networking

Networking skills open doors to valuable connections, career opportunities and diverse perspectives that enhance personal and professional growth. This module will show you the fundamentals and importance of networking during the job search process and provide guidance on preparing for career events. 

Job search
Effective job search strategies give you an advantage by offering you a systematic approach to explore opportunities, stand out among your peers and secure positions that match your career goals. This module shows you the most effective job search strategies, no matter the type of position you’re seeking. 

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Transition to work

Culture and communication in the workplace
This module introduces you to the importance of understanding different cultures and effective workplace communication. This will help you develop the necessary skills for successful professional interactions in diverse work environments.

Professionalism and transition to work
Professionalism cultivates a positive reputation for you, builds strong networks and enhances opportunities for career growth. This module will examine the differences between academic and professional environments, as well as provide you with insights into employers’ expectations.

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Career Corner drop-in sessions

The Career Corner will host weekly in-person and virtual drop-in sessions where you can receive personalized support.
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Program completion requirements

Earn badges for each theme completed

Complete the modules and pass quizzes in one career theme and automatically receive an electronic badge that can be used on your resume and LinkedIn profile.

To receive your certificate of completion, you must:

  • Complete all learning modules and pass all quizzes within the 5 career themes throughout your studies;
  • Complete post-Horizons quiz and satisfaction survey.

This program isn’t mandatory, isn’t for credit and won’t affect your GPA.

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