An information meeting is an opportunity to meet an employee or an employer  to gather information on a certain career path or an organization. This type of meeting can allow you to clarify your interests about a career or a work field.

Informational interviewing also allows you to learn more about employment prospects, the work environment, the necessary skills, the qualifications and the experiences required for an occupation.

80% of job vacancies are not advertised. You therefore must learn to tap into the hidden job market by networking and doing informational interviews.

Send a personal thank-you letter to the person who accepted to meet with you to express your appreciation of the time, advice, suggestions and information that was shared.  This letter will demonstrate your professionalism, will help you maintain and increase your networking opportunities and your future employment projects.

Organize your information meeting:  visit the company's website and prepare questions. Here are some examples of questions that you can use:

  • What kind of education or professional training is needed for this type of position?
  • Please describe your career path.
  • As an interested party in this type of position, how can I prepare myself to work in your company?
  • What personal qualities or abilities are important for being successful in this type of job?
  • According to you, what personal and essential skills are requested and expected by employers?
  • In your position you seem to have many responsibilities. How do you manage your schedule in order to accomplish all of the tasks?
  • What is your level of freedom to solve problems and take action on the job?
  • What are some examples of advancement opportunities within your company?

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