Electives without prerequisites

To meet the requirements of your program of study, you need to take a certain number of elective units, which you can choose from all the disciplines offered by the University. Electives without prerequisites are courses that do not require you to have passed any other university course in order for you to enrol.

Electives without prerequisites

Electives without prerequisites give you the opportunity to explore other disciplines that interest you. For example, you could enrol in a biology course from this list if you are studying in the Faculty of Arts.

See if and when a course is offered by using the course timetable tool. If it is, you can include this course in your timetable scenarios and enrol in it once the official enrolment period has begun.

If you are enrolled in a program at the Faculty of Engineering, please see the lists of complementary electives and science electives that are available to you (as per accreditation regulations).

Electives without prerequisites by faculty

The electives without prerequisites are sorted by faculty, then by discipline. Select a faculty that interests you to see all the disciplines and courses offered.

Faculty of Arts

Modern language courses (Arabic, Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian): Modern language courses are included in the list of electives without prerequisites offered by the Faculty of Arts. If you have no prior knowledge of the language you wish to study, just enrol in the Elementary I level course. If you have prior knowledge of the language, follow the enrolment process for modern language courses, which includes a placement test. To avoid delays when you register, complete the online placement test as early as possible, before the enrolment period begins.

English or French as a second language courses: Students from all faculties who wish to improve their language proficiency in English or French can enrol in English as a second language (ESL) and French as a second language (FLS) courses, which range from beginner to high-advanced levels. To enrol in a second-language course, follow the Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute (OLBI) procedures.

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