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Students studying at tables inside a library.
It’s time to hit the books and get ready to ace those exams. Whether you’re looking to organize a complete study schedule with classmates, or just need to find a spot to review your notes for a few hours, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve curated a comprehensive list of the best places on campus to study, all nearby and with pleasant views to motivate you.

Morisset Library

Morisset Library

Studying in the library is a classic! The fourth floor of Morisset has many seating options throughout the space, including lounge chairs near the elevators and desks on either side of them. 

Pros: This is a quiet space, and the desk seating includes dividers, which offer privacy. You can also book study rooms through the library booking system. You can even check the Occuspace website to see how busy Morriset Library is in real time.

Cons: Can get busy and lighting is mainly artificial.

CRX (Learning Crossroads) - second and fifth floors

Students studying at the CRX building

CRX is a very popular study spot on campus. There are a variety of seating options, along with several study rooms that you can reserve through the library booking system

Pros: The area features many seating areas with natural light and very comfortable chairs. A Tim Hortons on the first floor is perfect for students in search of study-fuel.

Cons: This popular study location can get very crowded during peak hours so you may have trouble finding a spot.  

FSS building

Students studying inside the Faculty of social sciences building

FSS (or the Social Sciences building) is one of the most popular study spaces on campus due to its spacious work areas and oxygenating blend of greenery: the magnificent plant wall. 

Pros: Many seats to accommodate a large number of students, with a bakery in the building from which to buy study break snacks.

Cons: Given its popularity, it’s usually busy. The area can get a little noisy at times, especially the first floor, but tends to be quieter on the higher floors. 

Hamelin-Simard connecting bridge

Students studying in the sunshine inside the Hamelin-Simard connecting bridge

This bridge, which connects Hamelin and Simard, is equipped with lounge seating as well as tables and chairs. To get there, use either Hamelin or Simard entrances and take the elevator or stairs to the second floor. 

Pros: Quiet, pleasant space filled with natural light and featuring beautiful views of the surrounding buildings. 

Cons: The path can get busy between classes and seating is limited.

Lamoureux Hall (LMX) - first floor

Lamoureux Hall study room and cafeteria

The first floor LMX study room/cafeteria is undoubtedly one of the most convenient spots to study on campus. What’s better than having a Thai Express right next to your study spot?

Pros: Many seats, and a variety of seating options, are available. This area is right next to a Thai Express, so eating while studying is allowed. It features good natural lighting.

Cons: May be a little noisy, especially during peak hours. Some students may be put off by the strong aroma of food or other people munching.

SITE building

An overhead view of students studying inside SITE

The SITE building is an aesthetic marvel that incorporates the latest in high-tech and energy efficiency. For fans of futuristic architecture, SITE is the perfect study space!

Pros: Numerous seating options, and a Tim Hortons is located inside the building so students can grab a snack when hungry. Beautiful natural lighting. 

Cons: Located a little bit further away. May be noisy at times. The first floor is usually busy, but higher floors may be a little less crowded. 

Desmarais Building (DMS)

Students studying inside Desmarais Hall

In addition to study rooms, there are plenty of places to sit and study in Desmarais Hall. Many corridors are lined with tables and benches; there are even a few study pods and comfier chairs on the third floor.

Pros: Easy access to many spots and you can grab a Starbucks coffee on the first floor to keep you going.

Cons: There can be quite a few passersby in the corridors.

The Brian Dickson Law Library

The Brian Dickson Law Library

Another great location, being pretty much a competition to Morisset Library, is The Brian Dickson Law Library, located on the 4th and 5th floors of Fauteux Hall.

Pros: The “red zone” of the Brian Dickson Law Library has a no-noise policy (where "speaking in a non-whisper tone is practically illegal," according to one Reddit user).

Cons: Some tables are reserved for Faculty of Law students.

Biosciences Complex (BSC) - first floor

Biosciences Complex (BSC) - first floor

A quiet and very calm study space for those who want to really focus. It also features a fish tank, which may make studying less boring! Located right across from CRX (Learning Crossroad), it is also very close to the uOttawa LRT station. 

Pros: A quiet study space located near the uOttawa LRT station and CRX building. Eating inside may be allowed. 

Cons: Not very well lit, this space has fewer tables and chairs, and cannot accommodate large numbers of students. Since the space is meant for intensive study, students are expected to be quiet.

Extra study spaces in several classrooms

Looking for a place to study? Don't look any further. During the exam period, several classrooms will be temporarily converted into study halls to allow you to study on campus. From April 12 to 25, 2024, the following rooms will be open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

To locate these buildings on campus, please visit our interactive campus map. If one of these classes is locked, you can call 613-562-5800 ext. 5900.

Learning Crossroads (CRX) C423
Learning Crossroads (CRX) C426
Learning Crossroads (CRX) C427
Social Sciences (FSS) 5023
Social Sciences (FSS) 6004
Social Sciences (FSS) 6032
Social Sciences (FSS) 12003
Social Sciences (FSS) 14005
200 Lees Avenue, Block A & E (LEE) A130
200 Lees Avenue, Bloack A & E (LEE) A131
Lamoureux (LMX) 257
Lamoureux (LMX) 258
Lamoureux (LMX) 407
Louis-Pasteur (LPR) 154
Louis-Pasteur (LPR) 284
Louis-Pasteur (LPR) 285
Louis-Pasteur (LPR) 286
Minto Sports Complex (MNO) C211
Minto Sports Complex (MNO) E217
Minto Sports Complex (MNO) E218
Marion (MRN) 021
Montpetit (MNT) 201
Morisset (MRT) 015
Morisset (MRT) 224
Morisset (MRT) 252
Roger Guindon (RGN) 2012
Roger Guindon (RGN) 2052
Roger Guindon (RGN) 2053
Roger Guindon (RGN) 2054
Simard (SMD) 330
Simard (SMD) 422
Simard (SMD) 428
Simard (SMD) 430
Simard (SMD) 503
SITE (STE) J0106
1 Stewart Street (STT) 125
Tabaret (TBT) 0019
Tabaret (TBT) 0021
Tabaret (TBT) 323
Thompson Residence (THN) 054
Thompson Residence (THN) 124
Thompson Residence (THN) 133
Vanier (VNR) 1050
Vanier (VNR) 1075
Vanier (VNR) 2027
Vanier (VNR) 3035
Vanier (VNR) 3076
Vanier (VNR) 4084
Vanier (VNR) 5040
Vanier (VNR) 5070

Off campus

You could also go to the Ottawa Public Library or nurse a coffee while studying at a nearby café. Here’s a quick view of some nearby options if you need a change of scenery.

A study pod inside Morisset Library.
Get extra privacy with study pods like this inside Morisset Library.