Cost, validity and important dates

Familiarize yourself with the cost of the U-Pass and the months for which you can use it. If you wish to submit an opt-in or refund request, be sure to do so before the deadline.

Term Validity Cost
Fall 2023 and Winter 2024 Sept 1 to Apr 30 $446.96
Winter 2024 Jan 1 to Apr 30 $223.48
Spring-Summer 2024 May 1 to Aug 31 $223.48

Due to the full-year validity of the U-Pass (September 1 – April 30), eligible full-time students are charged the full amount of the U-Pass fees in the fall term. This means that even if you are only registered for full-time courses in the Fall term, you will be charged the fall and winter amount. If you aren’t full-time during the Winter term, you must submit an opt-out request once the winter opt-out request form is made available on December 15th

If you will be full-time only during the Winter term, you will be charged the U-Pass fees for the Winter term only.

Fall/winter term August 15
Winter term December 15
Spring/summer April 15



Fall 2023 / winter 2024 ($446.96) September 29, 2023
Winter 2024 ($223.23) February 2, 2024 (only applicable if you were not charged in the fall term).
Spring/summer 2024 ($223.23) TBD

Once the deadline has passed, the refunded amount will be prorated, based on the date the exemption request was approved and finalized. No refunds will be issued retroactively.

All refunds will be credited to the student’s account. If you have a credit on balance, you can request a refund online or simply keep the credit in your account to be applied to a future term.