Access the entire National Capital Region with a simple tap.

Your U-Pass is a smart card and will work on all STO and OC Transpo buses and trains. Simply tap your U-Pass on the card readers upon boarding the bus or entering the Light Rail stations (LRT).

Remember: your U-Pass is not transferable and cannot be shared. It will not provide any savings for any other transit service.

Graphic image indicating not to throw your U-Pass into the garbage.

Don't throw away your U-Pass!

Don’t throw away your U-Pass! If you have received a blue U-Pass, you can renew it at a recharging station each year.
If you throw away your U-Pass or if you lose it, a 25$ non-refundable replacement fee will be due prior to obtaining a new card. The replacement fee must be paid in person and cannot be applied to your student account.
Recharge your card