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Our students, driven by a vision for an inclusive society, will present their innovative solutions in a succinct 5-minute format. Each presentation promises to unveil pioneering concepts designed to create barrier-free environments, ensuring that our infrastructures are accessible to all. The event will also feature a talk on barrier-free civil engineering infrastructure by Alan Perks, engineer-in-residence. 

As we strive for a society that is inclusive and accessible to all, your insights and creativity in crafting barrier-free infrastructure are crucial. 

Present your ideas in a concise and impactful 5-minute pitch, captivating our judges and fellow participants. This is your chance to shine and make a real difference!

  • 1st Place: $250 + A Certificate of Distinction 
  • 2nd Place: $150 + A Certificate of Distinction 
  • 3rd Place: $50 + A Certificate of Distinction 

This is an incredible opportunity to put forth your ideas on barrier-free infrastructure. We encourage you to share your vision for an inclusive world, where mobility and access are seamless for all.

  • Identify barrier(s) faced by individuals with varying abilities. 

  • Formulate solutions to overcome these challenges. 

  • Showcase your creativity and engineering skills in a succinct 5-minute pitch.

  • Make a Difference: Your ideas could shape a more inclusive and accessible world for everyone. 

  • Recognition: Win cash prizes and gain recognition for your efforts and creativity.
  • Networking: Connect with fellow students and professionals passionate about inclusive design. 
  • Career Opportunities: Showcase your skills to potential employers and industry experts.

Presentation title submission deadline: November 17 2023.

Submit your presentation titles and brief descriptions by November 17, 2023, at [email protected].  

Please also specify your academic status as either an undergraduate or graduate student and clearly state if you intend to present your ideas individually or as part of a group. Please ensure your that submission is in line with the contest focus. 

For inquiries and presentation title submissions, please contact Prof. Reza Foruzanmehr, EDI Coordinator of the Civil Engineering Department at [email protected].  

Your voice matters, and your ideas can shape a better, more inclusive world. Join us in this meaningful endeavor and let's break barriers, together.

If you require accommodation, please contact the event host as soon as possible.
Date and time
Nov 24, 2023
12 p.m. to 2 p.m.
Format and location
In person
STEM Complex (STM), room 117
English, French
Graduate students, Undergraduate students, Researchers
Organized by
Civil Engineering
Contact: Reza Foruzanmehr ([email protected])