Congratulations, future leaders and change-makers: Celebrating the class of 2024

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Families, friends and faculty members gathered to celebrate the achievements of the Faculty of Law’s remarkable class of 2024. The Convocation ceremony, held at the Shaw Centre, was an exceptional celebration.

The event began with an a capella rendition of the national anthem, performed by Ania Hejna, a 2012 uOttawa Master of Music graduate.

Kristen Boon, the Susan & Perry Dellelce Dean of the Common Law Section, addressed the graduates, emphasizing the significance of the day. She remarked, "Today is a day of tremendous joy. For graduates, this is the culmination of years of dedication, hard work, and unwavering commitment to the pursuit of justice." Dean Boon recognized the immense effort made by the students, their families their sacrifices, and their steadfast determination, which led them to this defining moment.

Dean Boon further spoke about the importance of community, saying that “collaboration and community are paramount to defining the law practice of tomorrow.” She also marked this moment of significant transition, saying that “transitions act as bridges connecting who we were to who we are becoming. They require us to let go of the familiar and step into the unknown, paving the way for growth, progress, and innovation.” She encouraged the graduates to embrace these transitions, for they hold the potential to shape their future endeavors.


“Indeed, technology, globalization, and societal shifts are reshaping the legal landscape before our very eyes. As future legal practitioners, you have the power to drive innovation and shape the...”

Kristen Boon

— Susan & Perry Dellelce Dean

In her address, Marie-Eve Sylvestre, Dean of the Civil Law Section, commended graduates for their determination and resilience in overcoming the challenges this class faced during their academic journey. She expressed, “we'll always remember you, graduates of the class of 2024. While the world was transforming before your eyes, amid a global pandemic, in an environment shaken by major climate change, while you witnessed a world at war, you also managed the incredible feat of graduating from the University of Ottawa's Faculty of Law!” 

Marie-Eve Sylvestre

“We celebrate your courage, your strength of character, your ability to innovate and adapt, your openness to others and to diversity, and your desire to fight for a better, sustainable world where...”

Marie-Eve Sylvestre

— Dean, Full Professor


Honours and awards

Dean Sylvestre introduced the Class Speaker, Alexandre Faubert-Charlebois, a 2024 graduate of the Civil Law Section. Faubert-Charlebois, who will begin his JD studies in the fall of 2024, gave an inspiring speech about the importance of overcoming adversity and helping those in need.

 Student Charlebois

Alexandra Szacka was awarded an honorary doctorate. Szacka has been an internationally recognized voice as a Radio-Canada host and journalist, reporting on the most important stories of the times from more than 50 countries. She has embodied the values of the Faculty of Law by giving a voice to the victims of injustice, repression or simply poverty and economic indigence. She is recognized for popularizing social justice and political issues that are often eminently complex, but always fundamental for the world and democracy.

Chancellor honor

The following 2024 graduates were recognized with awards and medals:  

Daniel Tian, the University Gold Medal for Common Law.
For the highest cumulative grade point average in the entire JD Program.

Geneviève Bélisle, the University Gold Medal for Civil Law.
For the highest standing in the entire civil law program.

Joshua Armstrong and Robin Marie Kelly, the University Silver Medal for Common Law.
For the second-highest cumulative grade point average in the entire JD program.

James Bujold-Vit and Justine Grenier, the University Silver Medal
For the second-highest standing in the entire civil law program.

Arielle Thiffault, The Colonel Michel W. Drapeau Prize.
For high academic achievement in the National Program in Common Law and for demonstration of leadersip qualities and enthusiasm during his/her involvement in student affairs.

Basma El Farouk, the Right Honourable Brian Dickson Prize.
For the highest standing in the National Program (JD/LLL).  

Daniel Tian, The George W. Ainslie Memorial Prize.
For the highest cumulative grade point average in the entire JD Program.

Adam Giancola, the Right Honourable Brian Dickson Prize
For the highest standing in the National Program of the Civil Law Section.

Samantha Zavaro, Dean of the Civil Law Section's Prize
In recognition significant contributions made to the law school community.

Clémentine Mattesco, Luc Despins Prize
For the highest standing in the Droit canadien program.

Adam Giancola, the Honorable Alice Desjardins Scholarship
For a cumulative grade point average of at least 8.0 in the National Program.

Geneviève Bélisle, Francine Lefebvre-Landry Prize
For the highest cumulative grade point average in the LL.L. program.

Robin Marie Kelly, The Ranjan Agarwal and Sunita Bhowmik Prize  
For the highest cumulative grade point average over all 4 years in the JD/MA Program.

Please visit our website to view the list of award and medal winners from other faculties.

Congratulations to all our graduates and award winners!  

Law Convocation with students