Isabelle Salle, Associate Professor, and Guidon Fenig, Assistant Professor, recipients of the Learning for the Future Fund

Faculty of Social Sciences
Department of Economics
Awards and recognition
Computer lab filled with university students learning economics
Drs. Isabelle L. Salle and Guidon Fenig, Associate and Assistant Professors at the Faculty of Social Sciences respectively, are at the forefront of a revolutionary initiative: the Laboratory for the Study of the Economy (OLLÉ). This ambitious project promises to radically transform the way economics is taught and learned.

The OLLÉ Laboratory was born from a desire to integrate a computer platform, initially designed for research, into the teaching of economics. This innovative laboratory aims to immerse students in an experimental learning environment, enabling them to deeply grasp economic concepts and develop essential skills in programming and data management.

The initiative is based on the use of open-source tools and experimental methods to meet the growing demand for interactive educational experiences. The platform includes a variety of experiments, ranging from real estate market simulations to forecasting games, thus enriching the educational experience through practical exposure to economic behaviors and decision-making processes.

The open-source aspect of the project allows for continuous adaptation and expansion, making it an invaluable resource for long-term educational initiatives. Students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in real-world situations, apply their theoretical knowledge, and develop a deep understanding of economic dynamics.

The OLLÉ Laboratory is a true innovation in the teaching of economics. Thanks to the commitment and expertise of Drs. Salle and Fenig, our faculty is establishing a new standard of excellence in economic education. By preparing students to meet real-world challenges, this laboratory reflects our commitment to practical, relevant, and forward-looking learning.