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The Heritage Circle honours our most valued donors: those who have decided to make a planned gift to the University of Ottawa. Members of the Circle are thoughtful visionaries who are committed to maintaining our tradition of excellence. Their actions will affect the lives of students, professors, and the entire uOttawa community for generations to come.

It is both our duty and our privilege to honour these donors. Hence, we are pleased to offer several benefits to members of the Heritage Circle, including exclusive invitations to special events, concerts and lectures. They also receive a commemorative pin.

The Heritage Circle is represented by oak leaves that symbolize strength, endurance, power and wisdom. This tree’s strong roots deeply penetrate the earth, anchoring it firmly in place. The tree’s trunk, like a spine, rises up proudly to great height while its branches spread a canopy of leaves that shelter and protect all those who seek the comfort of its shade. In many cultures, the oak is considered a symbol of power and authority. This symbol is very appropriate for the Heritage Circle: a planned gift is an investment in the future, like planting an acorn from which a mighty oak might grow to one day shelter future generations at the University of Ottawa.

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A planned gift takes some thought, and our team is well aware that the outcome of the planning process must take into account the personal, family and financial situation of each donor. That’s why our role goes far beyond a simple financial transaction. Our mission is to listen to your own history and reasons for giving so that we can provide you with personalized advice and support that helps you achieve your philanthropic goals.

The University of Ottawa probably influenced the person you became and how your life unfolded; this is often the case for those who decide to donate a legacy gift. Now, by creating a legacy that reflects who you have become and that aligns with your philanthropic goals, you can support the education and training of tomorrow’s leaders.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your intentions. Our priority is to give your project and your vision the full attention they deserve!

The Planned Giving Team
Sylvain Ladouceur, Claude Drouin and Donna Mathieu