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Mentors can leave a strong impression and profoundly impact our decisions. Such was certainly the case for Suzanne Faure (MEd ’84, PhD ’95) throughout her studies and career, and it’s why she intends to leave a legacy gift for the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa.

Suzanne Faure considers herself lucky to have had several mentors who have inspired her throughout life, beginning with a Grade 5 teacher who left a lasting impression and to whom she assigns a significant role in her progress and in bolstering her self-confidence. Other teachers, as well as career professionals, also mentored her and had a positive influence on her.

“These are key people who do not necessarily realize that they are helping. A donation is like a surprize for someone, a support. A bit like mentors ... they are gifts in our lives. In my case, my gift will really serve to support someone in their learning and help them persevere,” said Suzanne Faure.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in education and a master’s degree in linguistics, and having worked as a French-as-a-second-language teacher, Suzanne noticed that in addition to teaching, she was spending a great deal of time encouraging her students in their learning. That’s when she decided to complete a master’s degree in education (counselling), and then a PhD with mentorship as the focus of her thesis.

A faithful donor to the University of Ottawa for the past 37 years, Suzanne Faure has also decided to leave a legacy gift to the University to return the favour. “It’s like giving back. I’ve received a lot from the University. I pursued my career thanks to the degrees and support I received, and the quality of the teaching. It made me grow. Personal development is very important to me. It’s about helping others. To make what I hope will be a lasting contribution.”

She remembers her PhD as very demanding and that at one point, she even considered dropping out. But thanks to conversations with people – her mentors – she persevered. “I think that it’s part of the journey. It’s long, like all study programs, and there are highs and lows. My dream is that my gift will help someone who is having trouble at some point or another. Or give the person access to help so they can get through it. A bit like mentorship, it will allow me to continue to help, even when I’m no longer here.”

a student and mentor in the library
Planned giving

“My donation will be a gift, like my mentors were throughout my life.”

Suzanne Faure

— (MEd ’84, PhD ’95)

Many University of Ottawa alumni have included a gift to the University and its students in their estate plans. It is important to inform the University of your intention as our planned giving team will be able to validate the designation of your future gift with you. To learn more about this type of philanthropic project, please contact us. Thank you for your support!