Public Governance Diaries - The Politics of Multinational States

Faculty of Social Sciences
School of Political Studies
Democratic governance
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In a recent episode of the Public Governance Diaries led by Professor Eric Champagne, Political Science Professor André Lecours explored the politics of multinational states and the crucial role of federalism in their survival.

Lecours defined multinational states as those where the central state's promoted nation is challenged, as seen in Canada, with distinct identities like Quebec and First Nations. He highlighted the unique challenges faced by these states, emphasizing the need to prevent potential secession.

Lecours also discussed democratic arrangements to strengthen multinational states, with a focus on federalism as a key solution. Federalism's ability to reconcile unity and diversity, according to Lecours, enhances the chances of a multinational state's continued existence and prosperity. His recent publications further illuminate these complexities, offering valuable insights into the world of multinational states, where politics, autonomy, and federalism play vital roles in shaping their future.

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