Transforming Our Campus: Montpetit Terrace

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Mural by artist Kellen Hatanaka
Repairs to the Montpetit roof presented an opportunity for the visionaries at uOttawa Facilities to redevelop the terrace into a vibrant gathering place where students, faculty, and visitors can come together, soak in the atmosphere, and find respite from the sun's rays.

The university campus is not merely a collection of buildings and classrooms; it is the heart of our academic and communal experiences. As the needs of our community evolve, our campus is continually changing and improving. These transformations create spaces that harmonize with the architecture and activities, fostering unity and interaction.

The vision ahead is exciting! The regeneration effort seeks to breathe new life into our beloved campus. We have embarked on the revitalization of two outdoor spaces, each with its unique character, significantly impacting our campus vibe.

Green roof at Montpetit terrace

As you stroll through the space you will notice the introduction of a green roof which serves a practical purpose and contributes to the aesthetic charm of the campus, seamlessly blending functionality with visual allure and welcoming pollinators to our campus. The terrace features our first outdoor living wall, framing the new accessibility ramp.

We have paid special attention to enhancing accessibility elements at the Montpetit terrace, addressing the lack of previous accessibility ramps. This addition plays a crucial role in connecting our diverse community, bridging gaps, and fostering unity.

New accessibility ramp at Montpetit terrace

The heart of this transformation lies in infusing life and harmony into the architecture, landscape, and the campus environment. A striking example, that you can't miss, is the "Pond" mural, a breathtaking creation by the talented Toronto artist, Kellen Hatanaka. This mural not only adds vibrancy but also tells a story that resonates with our community.

Framing the mural are two well-placed shade sails whose colours are inspired by the Franco-Ontarian flag. These shade sails provide shade to the multipurpose space that sits below it. You can enjoy yoga class with your colleagues or gym mates under the protection of the shade sails.

Mural at Montpetit terrace

The connection to University Square played a pivotal roll during the design process. The Implementation of integrated seating levels allows you to socialize, take in events at University Square, or simply take a moment for quiet contemplation.

This revitalized terrace is a testament to our commitment to creating a campus that not only serves its practical purpose but also serves as a vibrant, inclusive, and inviting space for everyone.

Students gathering at the integrated seating levels at Montpetit terrace

These transformation projects are a testament to the unchanging commitment to sustainability, accessibility, and the overall enhancement of the campus experience. The revitalization of both outdoor spaces breathes new life into our campus and provide a glimpse of what is to come and the impact of the Bloom project, our most dramatic University Square return to nature renewal. There is so much more to come!

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