First-ever uOttawa Animal Studies Fieldwork Course Set to Debut in September

Faculty of Arts
Experiential learning
Bachelor of Arts

By Lydia Schriemer

Assistant to the Director of Animal Studies, Faculty of Arts

pig behind a wire fence
Are you a student interested in working with animals, furthering animal justice, or exploring the intricacies of the human-animal connection? Would you like to gain hands-on experience in these areas, outside of the traditional classroom setting? If so, AHL 2111: Introduction to Animal Studies II: Fieldwork is for you!

Check out AHL 2111, the Faculty of Arts’ new, bilingual animal studies fieldwork course!

Offered for the first time in fall 2023, the course provides 85 hours of contact time at a pro-animal organization of your choice. Students who register in the course will meet only once in the semester, on Saturday September 9th, for a 3-hour introductory class. After this, students will work at their organization on a regular basis throughout the term and submit four self-reflection assignments and a final report. Select students will be invited to present their work at a colloquium in January.  

If you’re an Animal Studies student and have already taken AHL 2110, you can register for this course directly on uOzone. Otherwise, for help registering or for more information, please contact Prof. Lydia Schriemer.