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This year again GAIA, the undergraduate student association of the Department of Geography, Environment and Geomatics, has awarded 10 scholarships amongst more than one hundred students who submitted written or artwork on subjects as varied as EDI, Experiential Learning and Emerging Fields of Research.

The GAIA Gala was a vibrant celebration, bringing together over one hundred students and friends from the department to honor excellence and creativity. Students enrolled in Honours or Major programs in Environmental Studies or Geography, were invited to submit written or artwork across five distinct categories, each offering two scholarships. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all winners and express gratitude to all participants for their inspiring contributions.

This year Makenze Blackburn (Center in photo) was awarded first place for the GAIA Visual Arts Scholarship which asked "Using a visual art medium of your choice, please describe or explore any environmental issue or topic of your choice.”  and Kyle Kuthe was awarded second place. 

The GAIA EDI Integration and Practice Scholarship first place was awarded to Naomi Shank for a reflection on "Equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in the environmental sphere can encompass a wide range of factors such as linguistic, cultural, physical/mental, and economic access to the environment, among many other considerations. Write a reflection on your experience of what EDI in environment, geography and geomatics looks like, or means, to you". The second prize went to Tatiana Solfjell Huard (program) (Right in photo)

Anne-Sophie Pelletier was awarded the GAIA Crunchy Granola Scholarship for a meme she created and which was prompted by "Using an online style of your choice, please make a meme related to the study of Geography, Environment, or Geomatics.”  Zachary Lauzon (program) (Left in photo) took the second prize.

What would have been your answer to "What areas are emerging in the field of your study that you are particularly interested in, and why?”. That was the prompt for the GAIA Emerging Academics Scholarships to which François Gentet-Reiher took the first place followed by Keegan Morin who was awarded the second place.

For the GAIA Experiential Learning Scholarship, students were asked to “Share your favorite memory from a field course or lab excursion within your program. If you have not attended an experiential learning trip, describe what you are most looking forward to experiencing.” Kyle Kuthe took the first place and Lee Manto received the second place.

As we celebrate the remarkable achievements of this year's scholarship recipients, we also recognize the collective effort and passion that fuel our shared pursuit of knowledge and understanding in Environmental Studies and Geography. We are inspired by the passion and curiosity of our students, knowing that they will continue to shape the landscape of environmental studies and geography with their unwavering commitment to excellence. Congratulations once again to all the winners, and a sincere thank you to everyone who submitted their work.