Besides providing an excellent base for professional development, a degree in English literature can offer you unmatched intellectual challenges.

Undergraduate programs in English

The Department provides courses in all major historical and national areas of literature in English. It also offers courses in creative writing and literary theory, along with general interest courses in literature and film, children’s literature, science fiction, and literature and the environment. Courses cover Canadian, American, British, Indigenous, and African and Asian diasporic literatures. The curriculum also covers the full range of historical periods and a wide variety of thematic approaches, such as environmental literatures, new media studies, decolonization and globalization studies.

A degree in English will enable you to:  

  • Think critically and develop skills in persuasive, argumentative writing  

  • Hone your research, analysis, and information management skills  

  • Explore and assess the uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity of knowledge  

  • Present information in creative, innovative, and professional ways    

  • Study in a collegial and collaborative learning environment with dedicated, friendly faculty members 

Typical Combinations:  

  • English + Creative Writing 
  • English + History 
  • English + Philosophy 
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Arts Writing Centre

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