2023 issue of Calembour

Faculty of Arts
Département de français
Books and literature
Three differents drawings. The first one is a blond girl wearing wearing a blue outfit running in the snow. The second one is a person wearing an old writer outfit and a hat with a red feather reading a paper they've written. The third one represents a person in spring laying down in the grass writing on papers.
Mounira Khoris
The Association étudiante du Département de français is honoured to re-launch Calembour, the magazine that celebrates the creativity and originality of talented students at the University of Ottawa.

After a couple of years of inactivity, Calembour 2023 is now available (only in French).

Editorial Note

To our readers,

It gives us great pleasure to relaunch Calembour, the magazine that celebrates the creativity and originality of the talented students at the University of Ottawa.

This issue focuses on one theme in particular: escape. It was chosen to fit in with current literary discourse, and to draw on the vast polysemic possibilities that such a theme could offer. As you flip through the issue, you'll encounter feelings of shame, fear, heartbreak and regret. You'll read a family story, a mythological tale encountering the world of painting and poetry. Texts that approach escape from an internal and external point of view. On the last pages of this issue, you'll find the three winning texts from the AÉDF writing contest for the winter 2023 term.

Calembour is the product of the collaboration of many people. That's why we'd like to pay tribute to the weavers, the magazine's little hands, without whom this literary project would not have been possible. First of all, we'd like to thank all those who responded to our call for submissions, for without you, this editorial note could not exist. We would also like to emphasize the role of the AÉDF, which enabled us to move from the ambition and conception to the concrete realization of Calembour. Our warmest thanks go to Mounira Khoris, who agreed to do the illustrations for this issue of Calembour, as well as modernizing the cover of our magazine. Her talent brings a touch of magic and complements the texts received. Finally, we'd like to thank you, dear readers, for reading these few lines marks our first success after a few years of inactivity for Calembour. We'd also like to draw your attention to the fact that this project is still ongoing, and that our work will continue to evolve. So, just as human beings are always evolving, we recognize that there may be some imperfections in this first issue. We therefore ask you to send us any constructive criticism you feel may be relevant to our e-mail address.

N.B. For the sake of transparency, we'd like to point out that some members of the editorial committee were able to submit texts due to the low level of participation from the student body during our call for submissions, and the desire to have a rich and complete issue. We therefore encourage students to send in their work for the next call for submissions, as this will ensure a wide diversity of writers for Calembour magazine.

- The Editorial Committee