Meet Ethan Coudenys, Faculty of Arts valedictorian

Faculty of Arts
Ethan Coudenys
At convocation this year, Ethan Coudenys will celebrate the graduating class of 2024 alongside Anais Bashala. Get to know Ethan before he delivers his valedictory speech.

What are your plans for September?

In September, I will be heading off to the University of Guelph to complete my master of arts degree in history, with a focus on Indigenous veterans in the interwar period.

How has your time at uOttawa helped shape you?

I have learned a lot from my time at uOttawa, but first and foremost, my time here has taught me that building a community of friends is essential to enjoying your time at university, and in life in general. I am so thankful for the friends that I have made along the way.

Has anyone been a big support for you throughout university?

My number one supporters have been my parents, Kim and Marcel, and my sister Jayden. I am so grateful for their support and their unending humour over the past four years.

What’s a favourite memory of yours from your time at uOttawa?

I don’t have a singular favourite memory from my time at uOttawa, but some of my fondest were at meetings or events hosted by the Students’ Association of the Faculty of Arts, where I met so many fantastic people and made some incredible friends.

Any advice to students starting university in the fall?

My only advice is to get involved in your university community! Whether that means being a member of a club, an executive on a student government body or participating in intramural sports, the single most effective way of ensuring that you have fun (and you succeed) at university is by making friends and building a community.