Spotlight on a Faculty of Arts professor at the ACFAS conference: Florian Grandena

Faculty of Arts
Acfas 2024
Florian Grandena
Professor Florian Grandena, from the Department of Communication, is organizing a symposium during the upcoming Acfas conference.

Hypervisibility IV:Queer spaces in international fictional film after Brokeback Mountain (2005), which will focus on queer geographies, is the fourth symposium in a series that he initiated in 2006 to examine the representation of homosexuality in Francophone and international films. Although this symposium will mainly focus on rural spaces, as in the film cited in its title, it will also explore other locations, such as contradictory urban spaces (which are both very viril and very queer). Florian Grandena expects to welcome a dozen researchers who will present their papers on films of various genres, including horror, road movies, and fantasy fiction. Having worked in the fields of queer theory and French cinema for over 20 years, Florian Grandena believes this event to be very important and he finds inspiration in it, both as an organizer and as a presenter: “I try to further my research and to renew myself every time.”

Hypervisibility IV will take place on May 13, 2024.