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Philosophy students associations

Undergraduate Philosophy Student Association (UPSA)

The Undergraduate Philosophy Student Association (UPSA) represents undergraduate students enrolled in the Philosophy and in the Ethics programs at the University of Ottawa, and is a federated body within the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO). This is inclusive of all full and part time students with a major or minor in these areas of study.

Our office is in Desmarais 8113 and students are encouraged to drop by. The UPSA is led by an enthusiastic executive council made up of UPSA members elected by peers. The executive strives to represent UOttawa Philosophy and Ethics students in relations with other department student executives, as well as in dealings with the University. These committed individuals aim to enhance the Philosophy and Ethics student experience at the University of Ottawa by organizing regular social and academic events.

At, students can find all information relevant to their student association. This includes information to the annual peer-reviewed philosophy journal Hermes, which profiles papers by students from universities across Canada. A set of online student Forums are also present on the website, where students have the opportunity to ask questions about classes. One can also find frequent event updates and executive contact information.

The UPSA executive asks students to join the group on Facebook (UPSA - AÉNP), follow on Twitter (@ottawaupsa), and look out for monthly newsletters via uOttawa e-mail accounts. The UPSA executive also wishes to invite all students to attend events and get in contact with the executive members! They are looking forward to helping Philosophy and Ethics students meet other like minded individuals in this program and to have a socially and academically rich experience at the University.

2021-2022 Executive List

President:  Emma Douglas [email protected]

Vice President of Finance (VP Finance):  Robert Hawes [email protected]

Vice President of University Affairs (VP Uni Affairs): Sierra Nediu  [email protected]

Vice President of Communications English (VP Comms):  Haniel Sorensen  [email protected]

Vice President of Communication Francophone (VP Comms Franco) :  Sandra Manisse Djocgoué  [email protected]

Vice President of Social Affairs (VP Social):  Julienne Rose Pedraja  [email protected]

Vice President of Philanthropic Affairs (VP Philanthropy):  Vacant

Vice President of Equity Affairs (VP Equity):  Bridie Hamilton  [email protected]

Vice President of Internal Affairs (VP Internal):  Aaliyah Agil  [email protected]

Secretary:  Tyrone Fang  N/A

Social Commissioner:  Sumaya Ali  N/A

Hermes Commissioner: Cameron Lamoureux  N/A

Graduate Students and De Philosophia Graduate Conference

The Graduate Philosophy Student Association can be contacted by email.

Executive for 2019-2020

President: Devin Biocchi

Secretary-Treasurer: Krista Megeney

Social Director: Francis Lemelin-Bellerose

Academic Director: Alexei Kazakov

Communications Director: Vacant/Vide