30 course units

The course offering varies from year to year, and courses may not be offered at the suggested term. You may adjust your course sequence as needed while respecting the course prerequisite(s).

The minor is a component that is part of a bachelor's degree or an honors degree.

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Suggested Course Sequence 2023

1st year (30 course units)
  • N/A
  • N/A
2nd year (30 course units)
  • ESP19911
  • ESP19921
3rd year (30 course units)
  • ESP29911
  • ESP29921
  • 6 optional course units in Spanish (ESP)or from LCM1101 or LCM11022
4th year (30 course units)
  • ESP39911
  • 3 optional course units in Spanish (ESP) or from LCM1101 or LCM11022
  • ESP39921
  • 3 optional course units in Spanish (ESP)or from LCM1101 or LCM11022


  1. Students whose linguistic level is superior to the levels indicated above have to take other ESP courses in consultation with the department. The linguistic level will be determined by the Online Placement Test, available at the Department’s website: http://arts.uottawa.ca/modernlanguages/programs-of-study.
  2. At least 6 course units must be taught in Spanish.