Find a supervisor

Before being admitted to a research program, you must have a professor who agrees to act as your major research paper or thesis supervisor. The supervisor will guide you throughout your research and the writing of your project. We strongly recommend that you find a supervisor before submitting your application.


A supervisor is only required for the research programs, with thesis or major research paper option. It is not required for the Master of Education (MEd) course-based program and the Graduate Diplomas.

Before you contact a potential supervisor

Here is some advice to follow before you make the first contact:

  • When possible, talk to professors in the academic unit about your field of interest, and find out who would be best able to supervise you.
  • Take a look a the list of available MRP and Thesis supervisors (PDF, 147KB)
  • Read the scholarly publications of potential supervisors to see if their field of research and methods are tailored to the topic or project you have in mind.
  • Make a list of questions to ask during the interview and points to be addressed.
  • When meeting with a potential supervisor, you should make sure to come prepared with as much information as possible about your topic of interest.

Making first contact

  • Send an e-mail to the potential supervisors to introduce yourself.
  • State clearly, what your interests are and how they match those of the professors you are contacting.
  • Include information on your academic background.


When you meet with a potential supervisor come prepared with as much information about your topic as possible. Make a list for yourself of questions you would like to ask and issues you would like to discuss when you meet, and bring this list to the meeting.

If you cannot come on campus for your meeting, ask for a telephone or Internet interview.

Remember, a professor is not obliged to agree to supervise you if he or she feel the collaboration will not be successful due to a lack of compatibility.

Following your meeting

After establishing a good relationship with your supervisor, here are the next steps: