Frequently Asked Questions - Edutek


Q. Are there scholarships for those who are not employed? A. Yes, there is a $1500 entrance scholarship.

Program fees                   

Q. How much does the program cost?   A. It costs approximately $15,000.

Language test   

Q. Where is the language test done? A. It is conducted online.

Q. Is the language test important for the training?  A. Yes, it is very important and passing the test is a condition for admission to the program. Students who score less than 80% on this test will be required to take a refresher course in French.

Q. Do you have any material to help me prepare for the language test?  A. Yes, our website has links to  sites that can help students prepare for the test.


A. When should I request a criminal background check?  Q. Due to the 4-to-6 week delay in processing requests for criminal background checks, you will need to get this done early to received it before starting your internship/practicum.

Q. Could I divide the 30-day and 40-day internships into 10-, 15- or 20-day periods?  A. No, we cannot divide the internships because all internships follow a specific sequence and set dates. Once you have successful completed the 10-day internship and four 3-unit courses, we will recommend that the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) grant you a transitional certificate. You should set aside 80 days to be available to complete your internships. If you are employed at a high school, your workdays will count towards the 80 days of internship.

Q. Can you provide a list of high schools that offer technology specialties in Ontario?   A. No, the Faculty of Education’s internship team is responsible for finding you an internship/practicum in your field of study at a high school in your area.

Summer terms 

Q. Is it mandatory that I be in Ottawa for the summer term?  A. Yes, you will need to be in Ottawa for 4-to-5 weeks.

Q. If I am away, can I still attend classes?    A. Generally, yes, you can attend evening classes by videoconference, but for the summer term you must physically be in Ottawa.

Q. How long do I have to attend classes in person during the summer sessions?    A. For between 4 and 5 weeks.

Q. Can I postpone courses offered in the summer term until the spring, winter, or fall terms? I would prefer to take all my courses in the evenings.    A. No; some courses cannot be taught online and must be taught in a shop environment. Note that during these in-person courses, teacher education students also work on their teaching skills as well as how to properly manage a classroom.

Q. I realize that the summer term courses cannot be taken online, but are there other core courses from another program that I could take?  A. No; all courses offered at the moment are specific to the EduTek program.

Other questions about the program       

Q. Is technology teacher pay comparable to that of teachers in a French school in general?
A. Yes. However the courses and training required to earn a higher salary are different from that required of teachers on the academic/general side.

Q. Is the program an ABQ?  A. No, it is offered as a certificate or B.Ed. in Teaching Technology Education.

Q. If I have not yet received pre-admission evaluation results and the deadline for the French test has passed, will there be a second test?    A. Yes, normally additional testing will be held at a later date.

Q. Is the program accepted by OSAP? A. Yes, the program will be fully accepted by OSAP as of 2023.

Q. How many hours am I expected to spend on each course? A. You can expect to spend at least 36 hours on each course.

Q. Once I complete the program, will I only teach my specialty? A. The school board must request a letter of permission for a teacher to teach a subject area in which they are not qualified.