Marie-Josée Berger

Marie-Josée Berger
Marie-Josée Berger
Emeritus Professor

Marie Josée Berger is a full professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa. In addition to her expertise in reading, she has worked in the fields of teaching and learning assessment, as well as professional development, particularly in minority settings. She was a diagnostician for the Reading Improvement Project and worked with a team helping low-performing schools to better operationalize reading strategies. She helped write the report Literacy for All in 2005, which has become an implementation tool for promoting inclusion in schools. She has also worked with research teams on issues relating to pedagogical and assessment practices in literacy and numeracy linked to diversity: Diversité culturelle et litteraties multiples. She sits at the table of the Ontario Minister of Education's Permanent Task Force. In addition to literacy issues, she is currently working with a team of researchers on issues related to the Newcomer Support Program (NSP).

Research interests

  • Evaluation of language proficiency in a minority setting
  • Program evaluation
  • Reflective practice
  • Teaching and learning