Observatory on education in minority language contexts

The Observatory on education in minority language contexts is an initiative directed by Faculty of Education professor Nathalie Bélanger, in collaboration with the Collège des chaires de recherche sur le monde francophone de l'Université d'Ottawa. The goal of the Observatory is to mobilize knowledge and to share relevant and emerging research which can inform practitioners and improve educational practices in schools. The OÉCLM is proud to celebrate its launch with a series of inaugural lectures and invites you to join us for these spring events in person. A virtual option will also be available. These presentations will be held in French.

Project context

The creation of the OÉCLM is a continuation of research activities by Faculty of Education Professor Nathalie Bélanger, who held the Education and Francophonie Research Chair in the College of Research Chairs in the Francophone World from 2005 to 2020. Drawing on the body of work undertaken as part of her extensive research program, and thanks to collaborations established over the years, this Observatory will focus on the educational and linguistic policies and practices in effect in Ontario, and more broadly in Canada, that shape the mandates of French-language schools and that are germane to international research in the field.