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Student Associations

Welcome to the vibrant world of student life at the Faculty of Education! Discover the Faculty of Education Student Associations. Engage with like-minded peers, participate in exciting events, and create unforgettable experiences throughout your academic journey. Explore our dynamic club scene and join us in making the most of your university experience!

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Association des étudiantes et étudiants à la formation à l'enseignement

The Formation à l'enseignement Students' Association (AEEFE) is a non-profit organization that provides a gathering space for those with common interests. It is the result of collaboration between the Francophone Student Council of the Faculty of Education, representing students in the teacher education program. Comprising the Executive Council and the Representatives Council of the Ottawa campus, this dynamic group facilitates exchanges and cooperation among members, fostering an enriching and supportive learning environment. 

Faculty of Education Students' Association

The Faculty of Education Students' Association (FESA) is the student government representing students enrolled in the English stream of the Bachelor of Education program at the University of Ottawa. Committed to advocating for student interests, they actively seek improvements to the B.Ed program, organize social events to foster community among teacher candidates, and provide essential services to support academic and professional learning throughout the school year. 

Education Graduate Students’ Association (EGSA)

The Education Graduate Students' Association (EGSA) at the University of Ottawa unites M.A., M.Ed, Ph.D., and Graduate Certificate Program students, fostering a strong sense of community within the Faculty. Committed to enhancing the student experience, they provide support, organize social and academic events, offer crucial information for navigating the graduate journey, and advocate for students' needs. 


METHIC-EDU for Multiculturalism-Ethics-Education is a budding association that has had the opportunity to address the significant challenges experienced by French-speaking students from recent immigrant backgrounds enrolled in the Faculty of Education. These difficulties include issues such as isolation, low self-esteem, adaptation struggles, and academic underachievement.

Education Graduate Students of Colour (EGSC)

The Education Graduate Students of Colour (EGSC) is a student-led volunteer collective within the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa. The primary mission is to create a vital space for students of colour (EGSCs) while actively challenging and opposing the structural and systemic racisms prevalent in our program and the wider field of education. 

Teacher Candidates of Colour (TCC) Collective

The TCC Collective operates within an anti-oppressive framework and employs a consensus-based decision-making approach. Their focus lies in acknowledging and supporting the bodies and identities of marginalized groups, striving to foster solidarity through continuous learning and unlearning. As a collective, Their goal is to confront and challenge this inherent racism, working towards a more inclusive and equitable educational environment for all.

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