Boguslaw Kruczek
Boguslaw Kruczek
P. Eng and Professor

Ph.D. (Ottawa)
B.Sc.Eng. (New Brunswick)

CBY A-337 (Mezzanine)
613-562-5800 ext. 2097


Professor Kruczek received his PhD in Chemical Engineering at the University of Ottawa in 1999. His Ph.D. work involved development and characterization of polyphenylene oxide-based membranes for gas separation. Upon graduation Professor Kruczek joined the Department as a Faculty member.

The research interests of professor Kruczek include development and characterization of polymeric, inorganic and hybrid organic-inorganic membranes for gas separation. A special aspect of his research on membrane characterization consists of fundamental studies on the transport phenomena downstream from the membrane, such as resistance to accumulation of gases in high vacuum receivers and back diffusion and back permeation in constant pressure systems, and their influence on the experimentally determined diffusion, solubility and permeability coefficients as well as the membrane permselectivity.

His major efforts in the area of material development are focused on emulsion polymerized mixed matrix (EPMM) membranes, which is a new type hybrid membranes. His research in the area of inorganic membranes includes synthesis of zeolite membranes by secondary growth and pore plugging, as well as, incorporation of highly ordered natural clays in synthesis of titanium dioxide-based membranes. Professor Kruczek publishes his research in Journal of Membrane Science, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Separation and Purification Technology, Journal of Flow Measurement and Instrumentation, Desalination, Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, and Experimental Heat Transfer.

Research interests

  • Membranes and separation processes
  • Polymer Characterization