Doctor David Taylor
Doctor David Taylor

Ph.D. (British Columbia)

STE 1024


Professor Taylor received his Bachelor's of Applied Science from the Engineering Science Department at the University of Toronto in 1981. Upon graduation, he joined a major oil company in Calgary, Alberta, where he worked as a reservoir engineer for four years, three of which were spent in the field of enhanced oil recovery.

In 1985, he moved to the Canadian West Coast to pursue graduate studies at the University of British Columbia where he completed his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering. Professor Taylor's research there focused on microvascular exchange and mathematical modelling of fluid and solute transport within body tissues.

In 1990, Professor Taylor joined the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Ottawa. His research interests center on modeling, simulation and optimization. His earlier work included model studies of tissue transport, of the performance of hollow fiber devices for biomedical and biotechnological use, and of industrial membrane separations. More recently, Dr. Taylor has focused his attention on process modelling and simulation using object-oriented methodologies, as well as the design and construction of software tools for engineering analysis and training.

Research interests

  • Research centers on process modelling and simulation, with a focus on biomedical systems.
  • Optimization Technology-Assisted Learning
  • Object-Oriented Analysis, Design, and Programming