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Balbir Dhillon
Emeritus Professor

Ph.D. (Windsor)
M.Sc. (Wales, UK)
B.Sc. (Wales, UK)



Dr. Dhillon served for 4 years as Chairman of the Mechanical Engineering Department and for 7 years as Director/Acting Director of Engineering Management Program.

He has published over 340 articles (199 journal and 141 conference proceedings) and 33 books: Wiley (1981), Van Nostrand (1983), Marcel Dekker (1984), etc. His books are being used in over 85 countries and many of them are translated into languages such as German, Russian and Chinese. He is /has been on the editorial boards of 9 international scientific journals. Dr. Dhillon is the recipient of many awards/honours, including the Austin J. Bonis Award (American Society for Quality Control), Merit Award (Society of Reliability Engineers), and Glinski Award for Excellence in Research (Faculty of Engineering).

He is listed in many Who's Who documents and has served as consultant to various organizations. Professor Dhillon has lectured in over 50 countries, including keynote addresses at various scientific conferences held in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. In March 2004, Dr. Dhillon was a distinguished speaker at the Conf./Workshop on Surgical Errors (sponsored by the White House Health and Safety Committee and the Pentagon), held at Capitol Hill (One Constitution Avenue, Washington, D.C.).

Dr. Dhillon's research interests are in the areas of reliability, maintainability, safety, maintenance, medical device reliability, robot reliability and safety, etc.

Research interests

  • Reliability engineering
  • Safety
  • Maintainability Engineering
  • Medical Device Reliablity Evaluation
  • Reliability of Robots